Maternal, Family & Children

Provided at no charge by registered nurses. Please call us at 307-672-5169 for any of these services!
  • Wyoming Hand in Hand Home Visitation Program
    • The Wyoming Hand in Hand home visitation program is available to all women and families during pregnancy and/or following the birth of the baby for assessment, information, and referral to community agencies. The program has some specialized options for specific needs and situations. The program allows us to offer gifts to families throughout the pregnancy at different developmental stages.
  • Children’s Special Health Program
    • Children's Special Health Services: This program is available to children and youth (ages 0 - 18) with special health care needs. Children who may be eligible for this program have or are at an increased risk for a chronic physical, developmental, behavioral, or emotional condition, and who require health-related services of a type or amount beyond that generally necessary for children. 
    • Maternal High Risk (MHR) Services: Support and services are available to high-risk pregnant women who receive care from an out-of-state Level III provider, such as those found in Denver, Salt Lake City, or Billings.
    • Newborn Intensive Care (NBIC) Services: Support and services are available to high-risk infants who are delivered at, or transferred to, an out-of-state Level III nursery provider, such as those found in Denver, Salt Lake City, or Billings.
  • Certified Lactation Counselors On Staff!
    • Registered nurses are available for breastfeeding support via e-mail, home, TeleHealth, or office visits.  
  • Infant and Child Car Seat Installation!
    • We have several nationally certified Child Passenger Safety (CPS) technicians on staff to help educate and assist parents and caregivers with correct car seat installation.
  • Free Pregnancy testing!
Other Resources Nutritional assistance, breastfeeding education and breast pumps.
(307) 672-5174

 Free developmental screenings, parenting classes, and pre-school.
(307) 672-6610

Insurance coverage for children and pregnant women.

Parenting classes, child support assistance and food stamps
(307) 672-2404