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We are seeing an increase in human-bat encounters this year in Sheridan County. Bats are known to carry and transmit Rabies, a deadly virus that can infect any mammal, including humans. If you find a bat outdoors, please leave it alone! If you find a bat in your home or business, report it immediately! Within the City of Sheridan, call Sheridan Police Dispatch at 307-672-2413 for Animal Control. In Sheridan County, call the Sheridan Predator Management District at 307-751-6012. 

Rabies virus can be transmitted through the bite or scratch from an infected animal. Bat bites can be very difficult to detect and may occur without any noticeable trauma. If you find a bat in your home, and it is safe to do so, contain the bat with a trash can or box for pick up and testing by Animal Control experts. For more information, please call us at 672-5169 or visit the following websites:

Wyoming Animal Damage Management Board Rabies Information

University of Wyoming Rabies Information

Wyoming Department of Health Rabies Information

CDC Rabies Information

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Sheridan County’s Health Officer is Dr. Benjamin Widener.