Planning is responsible for administration of the Zoning and Division of Land Rules and Regulations. We answer Zoning district and land use questions, and questions regarding division of any land in the County. Planning administers the application process for Rezoning, Quarry, Variance, Conditional Use Permits, Subdivision Permits and exemptions, and Manufactured Home Parks. We work with the Sheridan County Planning and Zoning Commission on applications at monthly meetings. We provide the copies of recorded plats and surveys and make copies of such documents for the public.

Responsibilities And FunctionsOperating under the authority and direction of the Board of County Commissioners, the principle functions of the Planning Office include:

  • Preparation and maintenance of a countywide Comprehensive Plan
  • Conceptualization and implementation of special projects for the Public Works Department
  • Providing staff support for the Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Administration of the Zoning Rules and Regulations
  • Administration of the Rules and Regulations Governing the Division of Land
  • Maintaining thorough documentation of planning proceedings
  • Providing enforcement services to carry out county responsibilities
  • Researching and providing recommendations regarding county growth/development

  • To engage the public in all aspects of the county planning process.
  • To present a range of alternative considerations, and well reasoned recommendations to decision makers when addressing the county’s future.
  • To seek incentive-based solutions in preference to new regulation.
  • To assist the public in conceptualization and formulation of development proposals.
  • To provide accurate and informative reviews of development proposals.
  • To consider the “big picture”, while remaining sensitive to needs of the individual.
  • To prepare specific courses of action resulting in implementation of duly adopted goals and policies of the county.
  • To be a team player along with other county departments and elected officials.
  • To work cooperatively with all units of local, state and federal government.
  • To seek first, voluntary compliance with county land-use rules.
Feel free to contact us for information, questions and/or input regarding office activities, development proposals or meetings.