Road and Bridge

Road & Bridge is responsible for road maintenance, minor bridge repair, snow removal, and culvert installation. In addition, we oversee the maintenance and repair of county vehicles, and direct the operation of a variety of heavy, medium, and light equipment, including road graders, front end loaders, backhoes, bulldozers, and trucks. Road & Bridge also maintains road signs, including county road name signs.

Road & Bridge Summary
  • Sheridan County Road & Bridge maintains the current road system.
  • Are constantly monitoring and improving the road conditions for safety.
  • Provide dust control for heavily traveled roads.
  • Control and improve drainage on county roads.
  • Haul and place gravel on scheduled roads.
  • Keep the snow plowed for the school bus routes and the general public.
Maintaining Roads in Sheridan CountySheridan County has approximately 500 miles of dirt roads and approximately 30 miles of paved roads. The roads are divided into seven districts with one operator per district. Each district operator plans and performs the maintenance work in his/her area and takes a great deal of pride and ownership in their district. Additional personnel and equipment from the Sheridan Road & Bridge shop support the district operators.
During the summer months, additional personnel are hired to help perform maintenance duties such as mowing shoulders, removing brush and trees from the right-of-way and applying chloride for dust control. Speed and weight both contribute to the deterioration of the road surface material. County roads are constantly being improved for the safety of the general public. Roads are widened, realigned for greater line of sight and treated with chloride for dust control, all which contribute to safety.
In addition to road maintenance and improvements, operators are called upon to respond to emergencies such as fires and snowstorms.

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