The Sheridan County Engineering Department (Engineering) is responsible for planning and designing of road improvement projects, which includes construction, grading, surfacing, culvert placement & replacement, bridges and other projects and preparing contract documents. The department assists Road and Bridge and other County departments with engineering issues. SCED staff review all development plans and reports. In addition, Engineering oversees the construction of bridge and culverts, gravel surfacing, asphalt and concrete paving, road grading & chloride applications. We are also responsible for maintaining/updating GIS information, assigning addresses, preparing GIS maps and maintaining the database for the Public Works Department. We maintain the Public Works website pages. We issue driveway permits for access to County Roads. Engineering also issues utility licensing agreements for both private and public entities that wish to construct their facilities in the County Road right-of-way.

Mission“The mission of the Sheridan County Engineer’s Office is to design, build, and maintain the safest, most efficient roadway network possible for the citizens of Sheridan County Wyoming. We will ensure motorist safety while supporting the continued growth of a strong local economy. The Sheridan County Engineer’s Office also pledges to be fiscally responsible and accountable to the public for projects completed and dollars expended.”
The principal responsibility of Engineering is to ensure motorist safety while supporting the continued growth of a strong local economy. Our traditions of quality public service and local control, fiscal responsibility, and public accountability are not new concepts to the citizens we have served. We are a full-service public agency covering all facets of road and highway transportation, from  computer-aided bridge design and construction to state-of-the-art snow and ice control, for over 511 miles of roadway and 45 bridges. Engineering is also responsible for subdivision review services.
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When is a Right-of-Way License required? 
A Right-of-Way License is required to permanently place utilities and utility infrastructure within the County right(s)-of-way.  A Right-of-Way License is also required if a facility owner is upgrading their utility that requires work to be completed within the County right(s)-of-way. Normal maintenance of a licensed utility will not require a new permit, however, the Public Works – Engineering Office shall be notified prior to all maintenance work commencing.  If there is an existing non-licensed utility within the County right-of-way, a Right-of-Way License is required for record and the fee waived.
Right-of-Way Licensing with the County is a two-part process. A Master License Agreement is executed one-time by the owner of the facility to be licensed within the County right(s)-of-way. A Sheridan County License Agreement will be required for each utility crossing and/or utility encroachment under the executed Master License Agreement.
Both the Master License Agreement and the Sheridan County License Agreement require notarized signature from the owner of the facility.

When is a Driveway Permit required?

All access connections to a County road require a Driveway Permit. A Driveway Permit must be submitted and approved before construction begins. If an existing driveway use changes a Driveway Permit must be submitted and approved prior to the use change and/or construction to change said use. Examples of access use change are a change from a field driveway to residential driveway and/or a field driveway/ residential driveway to a commercial driveway.

Forms – Right Of Way Licenses And Driveway Permits