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Daily business in the Sheridan County Business Office includes working with the county budget, managing county projects, paying county bills, grant preparation assistance and employee relations pertaining to insurance, payroll, vacation and sick leave. The Administrative Director reports directly to the County Commissioners to keep them informed on county issues that may require action on their part. The Grants Administrator helps county entities with grant preparation.
The Business Office:
County 1% GPET FY25 Application and Instructions

Fireworks Resolution 18-05-017

Past and Present Sheridan County Elected Officials

Warrant Vouchers

Housing Needs Assessment 2021
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Warrant Vouchers12 documents

  • Warrant Vouchers FY23
    document _recordid 1050
  • Warrant Vouchers FY22
    document _recordid 261
  • Warrant Vouchers FY21
    document _recordid 260
  • Warrant Vouchers FY20
    document _recordid 259
  • Warrant Vouchers FY19
    document _recordid 258
  • Warrant Vouchers FY18
    document _recordid 257
  • Warrant Vouchers FY17
    document _recordid 256
  • Warrant Vouchers FY16
    document _recordid 255
  • Warrant Vouchers FY15
    document _recordid 254
  • Warrant Vouchers FY14
    document _recordid 253
  • Warrant Vouchers FY13
    document _recordid 252
  • Warrant Vouchers FY12
    document _recordid 251