Inmate Mail

To prevent delay of your letters or notes to Sheridan County Detention Center Inmates, please read the following carefully:

The mailing address for the Detention Center is:

Inmate’s Name
54 W 13th St.
Sheridan County Detention Center
Sheridan, Wy 82801

The Following Are Not Allowed and Will Be Returned:

  • No personal checks . Money orders only.
  • No books or magazines
  • No newspaper inserts, cards or anything glued together on or in Greeting Cards, letters or notes.
  • No metal, plastic, cloth, string, parchment paper, ribbon, flowers or food of any kind.
  • No nude or partially nude photos or drawings.
  • All letters and notes must have address of the sender.
  • Nothing gang related. No written codes or gang signs.
  • No glue, post-its, glitter or stickers.
  • No lipstick anywhere on or in letters or notes.
  • No perfume, cologne or powder on or in letters or notes.
  • No stamps, blank paper
  • Picture cannot be larger than 4 x 6; no computer generated photos
Only 5 front and back written sheets of paper, money orders, and 3 pictures per envelope. All letters that are undeliverable will be sent back. If any inmate mail sent to the Sheridan County Detention Center are in violation of the above rules, all contents of the mail will be returned to the sender. All inmate mail must have the full return address of the sender and the full inmate’s name.  If mail does not include a return address, the mail cannot be returned to sender.