The Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office Detention Division is comprised of 20 Detention Deputies, entrusted with the duty of protecting the court process and those involved in it. The Detention Division is responsible for the operation of the Sheridan County Detention Center, and is managed by Lieutenant Gibbons along with Sergeants Sulz and Fisher.

The Detention Center offers various programs and services for inmates during their incarceration. These programs include, but are not limited to: AA meetings, work release, religious services, and the opportunity to test for a GED. The Sheriff’s Office has implemented a 24/7 sobriety program to reduce recidivism. The Detention Center includes a full-time nursing staff, a commercial kitchen responsible for the preparation of all inmate meals, and an updated telephone and visiting system in the form of Homewav kiosks and Homewav tablets. To put money on an inmate’s books or speak with an inmate, either by telephone or video visit, download the Homewav app. To put money in an inmate’s commissary account, go to