Property Taxes

The Sheridan County Treasurer’s Office handles payment of property taxes and works with the property tax relief program.

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Property Tax Due DatesOnce you have received your tax notice, you may either pay the taxes in full or in two half payments. If paying in full, you must pay the taxes by December 31 of the current year. If opting to pay in halves, the first half payment is due by November 10 and the second half by May 10.

Calculating Property TaxesProperty taxes are based on the value of the property, whether the property is residential vs. industrial, and the location of the property within Sheridan County. The level of assessment is determined by the property use, and is 9.5% use for residential property vs. 11.5% for industrial use property. The location of the property determines the mill levy applied to the property. The following formula/example illustrates a home with a fair market value of $100,000 located in the City of Sheridan with a levy of 73.00 mills.

FormulasFair market value x level of assessment = Assessed Value
Assessed value x mill levy = tax dollar

ExampleFair market value = $100,000; Type of Use = Residential; Mill Levy = 73.00 mills
$100,000 x 9.5% = $9,500 (assessed value)
$9,500 x .07300 (mill levy) = $693.50 (property taxes)

Current and Past Mill Levies

Property Tax Relief Forms and Information
Wyoming Department of Revenue

Receiving a Property Tax Bill with EscrowState law requires us to send the bill to the owner of record on January 1. If you have received a property tax bill and have an escrow, you should contact our office or your financial institution to verify your taxes have been paid. Payment information is also available on the property tax website provided above.