Snow Removal

Sheridan County Snow Plan:

The following plan covers the procedures Sheridan County Public Works Department will follow in the event of a winter snow or ice storm. Any of the operations may be altered by the County Engineer and/or the Road and Bridge Program Manager, depending on conditions.

  • Typically snow removal operations will not commence until at least 4″ of snow has accumulated.
  • The Road and Bridge Superintendent in cooperation with the District Operator for each respective District will collaborate to determine if snow removal operations are necessary outside of normal scheduled work hours.
  • The normal scheduled work week is Monday through Thursday, 6:00 AM – 4:30 PM.
  • Sheridan County has Priority snow routes in each district. These routes will typically be plowed first. Priority routes are defined as follows: routes that generally provide County wide continuity and school bus routes.
  • After the Priority routes have been cleared, a systematic approach will be taken to plow all roadways. Depending on conditions, operations may be suspended at the end of a normal workday and resumed the next workday.
  • Sanding will typically be done on paved roadways only.
  • Plowing or sanding may be necessary to provide emergency vehicle access. This will be coordinated between the emergency services provider and the Road and Bridge Supervisor.
  • All snow removal equipment will be equipped with flashing yellow warning lights. The warning lights will be flashing during snow removal operations.
  • Every effort will be made by the County to provide adequate manpower to keep County roads passable; however, weather conditions may preclude this from happening. The County will notify residents if the decision is made to cease plowing operations until weather conditions improve. This notification will be via a Public Service Announcement and posted on the County website.
  • The Sheriff’s office will provide assistance by contacting the Road and Bridge Superintendent when 4″ or more of snow has accumulated or when a situation exists that in their opinion makes driving dangerous.
Public information relating to snow events within the County will be distributed through the County Commissioners Office.

Key Contact Information
Title Name Number
Road & Bridge Superintendent Rowdy Branson 674-2930 
Road & Bridge Lead District Operator Travis Traub 674-2930
County Engineer Ken Muller, PE 674-2920 
  Sheriff’s Office 672-3455