Juvenile Justice

The Sheridan County Justice Office provides probation services for Municipal, Circuit, and CHINS/Truancy through Juvenile Court. Juvenile and Adult Drug Court are additional programs provided through this office.

Development And Responsibilities Of Juvenile Justice
  • In 1995 a Juvenile Justice Commission was established in Sheridan County to develop juvenile justice programs for the youth of the area and the criminal justice system.
  • In 1996 compliance was established with the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act of 1974.
  • In 1998 Juvenile Justice Joint Powers established and creation of the Sheridan County Justice Office
  • In 1998 Adult Drug Court established followed by Juvenile Drug Court in 1999.
  • In Services provided: Juvenile Probation, Juvenile Diversion, Truancy Probation, Adult Drug Court, Juvenile Drug Court, Community Service Supervision.
  • We provide alternatives to detention through community supervision (probation), and maintain contracts for electronic monitoring, 48 hour hold, and youth home.
  • We maintain contract with secure Detention Center.

Juvenile Justice Commission Joint Powers BoardMeeting and member information for the Juvenile Justice Commission Joint Powers Board is available on the board page.