Buildings & Grounds

The Sheridan County Buildings and Grounds Office provides all staff and Courthouse business clients with a physical environment that is safe, clean, attractive, pleasant and smoothly functioning.

At Buildings and Grounds, we:

  • Assume responsibility for the comprehensive overall planning and scheduling of maintenance and repair requirements of the County Courthouse.
  • Ensure that standards consistent with all applicable laws are maintained at a minimum.
  • Organize and implement a program of preventive maintenance.
  • Establish appropriate maintenance, grounds keeping, security, and custodial requirements for each county building and installation.
  • Conduct periodic inspection of all county courthouse facilities to insure fire safety.
  • Keep informed of the latest trends, developments, and products in the areas of maintenance, repair, upkeep and encourages innovation and experimentation as appropriate.
  • Supervise and approve payment of all outside contractors performing non-engineered work for the county.
  • Conduct a comprehensive and detailed cost analysis program of departmental expenditures as a basis governing annual forecast of expenditure requirements.
  • Determine and establishes detailed specifications pertaining to supplies, materials, equipment, and local contract work.
  • Perform other duties as directed by the County Commissioners.