Parks & Recreation Board

The Sheridan County Parks and Recreation Board was duly established on April 7, 2009 in accordance with W.S. 18-9-201, to control, maintain, supervise and manage recreational properties within the County.

Board Information

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Board Name Sheridan County Parks and Recreation Board
Term of Board Members Three years
Number of Board Members Seven
Main contact phone number for Board 307-674-2900
Main contact email address for Board Email Board
Meeting Schedule Meetings – as called
Meeting Location To be determined
Meeting Agenda Current Agenda

Board Composition

Steven Moyer 06/30/2026   Sheridan County
Lynn Custis 06/30/2024 Secretary Sheridan County
Terry Weitzel 06/30/2025 President Sheridan County
Robert Forister 06/30/2025   Sheridan County
Patrick Morgan 06/30/2025 Vice-President Sheridan County
Ted Gardner 06/30/2026   Sheridan County
William Heitler 06/30/2024 Treasurer Sheridan County