VIN/HIN Inspections

The Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office performs approximately 150 VIN/HIN inspections a month.  VIN/HIN inspections are required anytime the owner has an out of state title that they wish to transfer to a Wyoming title.  Wyoming issues title for vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, trailers, watercraft, snowmobiles, MPV’s, and even mobile homes.

While we make every effort to perform this needed service in a timely manner, other calls for service often interrupt scheduled VIN/HIN inspections.  In an effort to make the process easier on all those involved, we have developed multiple ways to schedule a VIN/HIN inspection.

1)  For prompt service, you can take the vehicle to the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  Those inspections typically are complete in under 10 minutes and do not require an appointment.  It helps speed up the process if you can bring the title or another document that contains the VIN/HIN.

2)  You can also send an email to:

If you use the email, it is very important that you include:

Your name
Phone number
Address (where the vehicle is located)
Description of vehicle
Specific information about the inspection, as needed*.
*We have found the most time-consuming aspect of this process is finding a time where a deputy can meet with the owner.  The owner does not need to be present for the inspection, but the VIN/HIN plate must be visible and readily accessible.  Please provide adequate information if you choose to have the inspection done without the owner present, including a safe location to leave the form or if you wish to later retrieve the form from our office.

3)  If the above options are not feasible, you are welcome to call 307-672-3455 during business hours to schedule a VIN/HIN inspection at a specific location.

Per Wyoming state statute, you will be charged a $10 fee for the VIN/HIN inspection at the County Clerk office when titling.