Foreclosure Sales

The Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office conducts foreclosure sales for Sheridan County on Wednesday mornings starting at 10:00 am (unless it is a Holiday). We hold up to five (5) a day and they are scheduled every five minutes.  Foreclosure sales take place inside the northeast doors on the first floor of the new addition of the Sheridan County Courthouse, which is at the corner of Main St. and Burkitt St.

The Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office conducts execution sales on Wednesdays at 11:00 am, with no more than one (1) held each day.  Execution sales take place at the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office, 54 West 13th St.

If you need to schedule a foreclosure or execution sale with our office, you must call first to make sure the date and time you seek is available.  The fee is $ 10.00 and is payable by check at the time of the sale.

Due to the high propensity for changes and cancellations associated with each foreclosure or execution sale, we do not publish a calendar.  However, we are happy to provide updated sales information by phone at 307-672-3455