Sheridan Memorial Hospital Board

The Mission of Sheridan Memorial Hospital is to provide quality healthcare services that improve the well-being of our community. This Board’s primary function is to set policy and provide oversight to Sheridan Memorial Hospital.

For more information about the hospital, please visit the Sheridan Memorial Hospital website.

Board Information

Subject: Data:
Board Name Sheridan Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees
Term of Board Members Five years
Number of Board Members Seven
Main contact phone number for Board 307-672-1044
Meeting Schedule 4th Wednesday monthly,3:00 pm (subject to change)
Meeting Location Sheridan Memorial Hospital Conference Room A & B

Board Composition

Joe Wright 7/1/2024   Sheridan County
Shirley Coulter 7/07/2025   Sheridan County
Kevin Kessner 7/05/2027 Secretary Sheridan County
Jenifer Shassetz 07/06/2026 Vice-Chair Sheridan County
Gene Davis 7/03/2028 Treasurer Sheridan County
Andrea Mellinger 7/03/2028   Sheridan County
Ron Mischke 07/06/2026 Chairman Sheridan County