Circuit Court

Circuit Court is a limited jurisdiction court. Its cases consist of: small claim cases and civil cases in which the damages or recovery sought do not exceed $50,000, family violence, stalking, forcible entry, detainer cases and all misdemeanor cases. Circuit Court may also set bail for people accused of crimes, conduct preliminary hearings in felony cases, and has jurisdiction of a municipal court over ordinance violations if a municipality requests it and if the Supreme Court consents to such a consolidation of courts.

For more information, such as Small Claims Affidavit and Court-Appointed Counsel forms, please visit the Sheridan County 4th Judicial Circuit Court page on the Wyoming Judicial Branch website.

Sheridan County 4th Judicial Circuit Court Judge

Honorable Sheryl Smith Bunting
Appointed: January 2024
Term Expires:  January 2027
Stands for Retention: November 2026